Thanks to a strong workflow and methodology, State of Art provides global solutions
with different approaches.
For the marketing industry, the team joins forces to achieve a high level of photo-realism, in photography plays an important role as well as the choice of lighting, the style and the feelings that the project has to convey through the visuals.
For architectural competitions, we work on the evocative potential of images, where the atmospheres and grandeur are able to describe the architect’s idea.


Architects and designers turn to State of Art to understand what their investment can represent.
Thanks to virtual reality devices like Samsung GearVR, Google Cardboard or applications for Smartphone, State of Art delivers stereoscopic images combined with applications that can give an immersive navigation inside a project.
In this way, architects, during the design phase, and clients, in the final stage, may project into their project acquiring a 360° vision with a photorealistic visual quality.


State of Art develops customized ultra realistic virtual reality experiences. We create our projects on Unreal Engine and provide an experience on HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.
In the online reality, users can freely move inside the project, creating their own navigation path within the space and interacting with the surrounding virtual world.
By creating real-time configurators, clients become the protagonists of a futuristic experience.
Within the project they can change the color or the finishing of a piece of furniture, a kitchen or a floor and immediately see the result with an excellent visual quality.


Telling a project through the fourth dimension is one of the specialties of State of Art, in direct line with communication agencies, directors and screenwriters.
Our know-how let us manage independently the creation of a complete 3D animation process.
The Studio is engaged in a continuous research for the most innovative technical and artistic solutions, which can lead to endless options when capturing the complexity of any architectural design.